Diasporic Africa Press, Inc.

Diasporic Africa Press (DAP) is an independent, nonprofit publisher of serious non-fiction books about the African world. Founded in 2010, DAP continues to provide adult and young readers with books in African world cultures, histories, and literature found nowhere else.

About Us

Kwasi Konadu

Editor-in-Chief and Director

Diasporic Africa Press (DAP) is a nonprofit and global publisher of serious books about the African world, specializing in histories, cultures, literature and language. Targeting adults and young readers, our books are grounded in scholarship, written for accessibility, and designed to support discussion, teaching, and research. 

On this virtual storefront, books are divided into four categories: African World Cultures, African World Histories, African World Literature, and Young Readers Series. Rights and permissions are handled by Copyright Clearance Center. For desk copies, faculty can email us (support@dafricapress.com) with the relevant details. For all other matters, email us, but know that all sales are final except transactional errors, no refunds are stated or implied, and we do not accept returned books, unless damaged in transit. 

Prospective authors can email us their proposal, granted it is organized around and addresses the following questions in plain language: 

The Overview: So what? Who cares? And who are you? Target Audience: Whose problems are you solving? Who will benefit most from your book? Who do your readers trust today? Competing Titles: How does your book compare to other offerings (and authors) on the market? Marketing Plan: How will you spread the word about your book before and after publication—without the publisher’s help? About the Author: Why are you the best person to write this book? What is your authority or credibility in the market? Sample Chapters: Have you demonstrated that you can deliver on the promise the proposal makes? Is your writing accessible to the intended readership? Please include a sample chapter representing your best writing; all proposals and projects are peer-reviewed.

We look forward to your readership and hope you consider supporting a translation, a project, a series, or the operating costs of the press. All profits are reinvested into new projects. Your generous, tax-deductible contributions help make the work of the press possible.